flora and fauna

hi i'm effie and this is my cottagecore/gardening sideblog!! my main is persephone :)

it's beginning to look (and smell!) a lot like christmas...

we made pumpkin soup with one of the pumpkins we grew and carved! it was buttery and delicious 💛🍁

we finally got to carve one of the pumpkins we grew! i've never carved one before but it was a lot of fun 🎃

i'd never made bread before so yesterday my boyfriend and i made some and it turned out so well that we did it again today with the addition of some olives and sundried tomatoes. it's delicious! 💛

i love my new camera case 💛🌼

my boyfriend got me this adorable ceramic wall hanging in the new forest village we visited and i love it so much!! we even saw a rabbit as we cycled there - meant to be! 🥰🌕🐇

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my boyfriend planted some pumpkin seeds he found lying around a month ago and this plant is going absolutely wild

sunnybee -

update: ten days and a lot of rain later and the pumpkin has basically doubled in width and taken over the space left by the potatoes we dug up. the only reason it hasn't done this at the front and the left as well is that my boyfriend kept redirecting the leaves backward as it tried, and there was a big windstorm a few days ago. i'm both proud and mildly intimidated

today we found a simple cookie recipe and made the addition of more vanilla, some cinnamon, raisins and oats and they are delicious!

let's go on an adventure 🌳🍃🌲🌿